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Season 7 Spoilers, Movie & Show Info, etc..:

Added August 18th:
From the FoxFlash Site via J2Shy on a mailing list:
THE X-FILES will make its seventh season debut Sunday, Nov. 7 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT). The premiere -- a resolution to last year's cliffhanger final episode -- has been moved from the previously announced Oct. 31 date to kick off the November Sweeps period.

THE X-FILES' seventh season begins with a two-episode story arc (finishing Sunday, Nov. 14) that concludes last season's finale as it brings Agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) to the brink of death and Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) to what may be the source of all life on Earth -- a source that appears undeniably alien. The season opener finds Mulder locked away in a mental institution, his physical and mental health rapidly deteriorating while Scully frantically tries to discover the cause of his illness.

While Scully's quest takes her to a faraway continent, where she is forced to confront the seeming reality of alien life, Mulder turns for help to Assistant Director Walter Skinner (Mitch Pileggi), who reluctantly agrees to sacrifice Mulder's life for the sake of proving the alien origin of his illness. The first two episodes also feature a return appearance by Mimi Rogers as Agent Diana Fowley.

From misbug on the ATX via Extex and Sea:
The Lone Gunmen are contracted for 6 eps this season and that Vince Gilligan has written another solo ep for the Gunmen. Or WILL write another ep. Not written yet though.

From Jesse on the message boards, via Sea.:
Yes, The Cannibal episode is being shot at a place called LUCKY'S which is the name of the place in the script, I believe.

I saw Mimi Rogers while attending the premiere of BOWFINGER the other night and walked up to her and asked if she would be back on X-Files this year and I'll quote "Pfft not for long."

I saw Micheal McKean while attending the premiere of TEACHING MRS TINGLE last night and told him I loved him on X-Files - he was happy to meet a fan of the show! He said he would be back this season and as he got into his limo he said "KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES".

Little somethin for you........... Oh and BTW For all you SET fans, Our beloved Mark Carter is no longer with the show - is is fullfilling his DGA Training DREAMS in New York on features..

From Autumn on the message boards:
From what I've heard it [episode 7X02] has something to do with finding a liver for a child.

From gf2020:
On August 12th , they will be filming sometime from 8:00 am to 5 am at 4135 E FIRESTONE BL, as well as , OTIS ST,FIRESTONE BL NORTH 300.

On August 16th, they will be filming sometime from 6:00 am to 12 midnight at 4135 E FIRESTONE BL , as well as , OTIS ST,FIRESTONE BL NORTH 300.

On August 17th , they will be filming sometime from 7:00 am to 10 pm at 1901 COMMONWEALTH AV.

On August 20thth , they will be filming sometime from 9:00 am to 6 am at 1901 COMMONWEALTH AV.

Added August 13th:
From various sources:
Best cryptic message of the week!: "We may not have Mimi to kick around much longer"

7X01-Untitled.....A fast food worker at a restaurant called "Burgerlicious" supposedly has a strange eating disorder... hes a cannibal. Writer: Vince Gilligan Genre- Monster of the Week-humor Note: This is a Scully lite episode, Gillian is still working on the house of Mirth supposedly. Filming begins today (8/12)

7X02-The Goldberg Variation... NOT the conclusion to Biogenesis, not much else is known about it... but the name does reflect a classical music composition, I think its Bach Writer: Jeff "Rain King" Bell Genre-Probably Monster of the Week

Added August 8th:
Shooting starts on August 9th! (tomorrow)

From Ratboy929:

7X01 "Untitled"
Writer: Vince Gilligan
Director: Kim Manners
Genre: Standalone, MOTW
Airdate: 11-7-99 or 11-14-99
Plot: Rob Roberts, a worker at some fast food place called Burgerlicious, is hungry -- but he prefers such food like human flesh. This is when Agents Scully and Mulder begin their investigation on strange Cannibal-murders out there!
Cast: Two FBI Agents, some kinda fat people + the Cannibal

7X02 "Untitled" [Part 2 of 2]
Writers: Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz
Director: Rob Bowman
Genre: Season Premiere, Mythology
Airdate: 10-31-99, Halloween!
Plot: We Are Not Alone...
Cast: Gillian Anderson as Dana 'I saw it' Scully,
David Duchovny as Fox Mulder, Mitch Pileggi as AD Skinner, WBD as CSM and some other organisms in the very key of X!

From Cinescape (Posted by AV):


Presently unknown. Chris Carter has gone on the record saying that the mystery involving Mulder's sister will NOT be resolved in the coming season, keeping that plot point open for a future movie.

The Buzz:

While talking to the TV Gen website, X-Files creator Chris Carter revealed some of his plans for the future of The X-Files series and franchise.

When asked about a second movie, Carter answered, "There will be a second X-Files movie as far as I am concerned. But it won’t be on this summer’s hiatus. It seems like the actors are very excited to do it. It’s just a matter of finding the time, and I think it would either come out in the summer of 2001 or possibly 2002. It would have been great to culminate the series and go right into the next big movie. I think there will be a year, or possibly two years in between."

Carter then added that "[n]ext year is probably the last year of The X-Files. Most likely we will wind it down at the end of year seven. You are going to see the TV series become the movie series."

From Scot and Jennifer Korin:

Frank Black, the profiler, will appear on an upcoming X-Files episode timed to coordinate with the start of the new millennium, AnotherUniverse.com insider sources say.
If the episode is to air around Jan 1st, 2000 it sounds like it would be 7x08 or so.

Added July 28th:
From Jasmine and Joxer21:

"That the third episode has Mulder and Scully trapped in the ice somewhere in the Arctic. They think they are going to die, and Mulder confesses to Scully that if he dies he is happy that he is dying next to her."(awww!)

Added July 27th:
From Mr. Showbiz:

It's no secret that next season will likely be the last for Fox's hit series The X-Files, but if it does go on, it'll do so without David Duchovny.

Seven years of aliens, conspiracies, and paranormal encounters is plenty,
says Duchovny. He told the Toronto Sun, "Seven years is a long time to do
one show and I have other things to do."

The actor, who plays FBI agent Fox Mulder on the show, has been very vocal
in the past about his boredom and dissatisfaction with the series. He was
somewhat appeased when the show moved from Vancouver B.C. to L.A. last year
at Duchovny's request. The move apparently wasn't enough to make the actor
want to renew his contract, however, which expires after season number
seven, as does that of series creator Chris Carter.

Carter told the New York Daily News that he hasn't ruled out an eighth
season, even one without Mulder, who is half of the show's dynamic duo."I
have no absolute answer about this," said Carter. He is on track with
original plans to end the series in May 2000, "I'm looking at these next 22
episodes as a wrapup," he told the Daily News. Carter is turning his
attention to his new sci-fi drama, Harsh Realm, which will premiere this
fall on Fox.

Curiously, Gillian Anderson is signed to an eighth season (even though
Carter and Duchovny had only seven-year contracts), which means she could
get a new partner or go it solo. (Does that mean that we'll be seeing The
Scully Forensic Hour?)

And, strange as it sounds, Duchovny thinks he won't be missed. He told the
Sun, "Even if I was indispensable at one point, I'm no longer indispensable.
Nobody is indispensable. It's a brand name. It's Crest. It's something like
that. It's Menudo," he said, referring to the Puerto Rican boy band that
constantly refreshed its members.

He does admit to feeling "proprietary" about the Mulder character, adding
that if the show continued without him, "There would be a part of me that
would be sitting at home wishing thoroughly that it would fail." However, he
told the Sun the show will certainly be fondly remembered. "I think you know that
at its heart … it was just a f---ing good show."

Duchovny's not only honed his skills at alien-hunting while on the show,
he's also co-written episodes, and this season wrote and directed his first
installment, a well-received riff on aliens and baseball.

Although Playing God, his first movie vehicle made after the show turned him
into one of TV's hottest hunks, crashed and burned at the box office,
Duchovny's back on the big screen, teaming with Minnie Driver for the
romantic comedy Return to Me, due out next year.

Whether or not Mulder's on the small screen, Duchovny is committed to
upcoming X-Files movies. Much like the Star Trek films, which feature the
cast of the long-canceled Star Trek: Next Generation series, Anderson and
Duchovny will continue to make motion pictures about the adventures of
Mulder and Scully.

Just don't expect a sequel to last year's big screen drama too soon. "I
think it would be wonderful to do one this summer," Carter told the Daily
News, but I think this is going to be a busy year."

Added July 25th:
From here
As for Fox's returning series, Saturday's ``Cops'' and ''America's Most Wanted'' return Aug. 28; ``Beverly Hills, 90210'' begins its 10th season Sept. 8; animated hits ``King of the Hill,'' ``The Simpsons'' and ``Futurama'' start up again on Sept. 26; ``That '70s Show'' gets its groove back Sept. 28; ''Party of Five'' returns Oct. 5; and ``The X-Files'' has its season premiere on Oct. 31 (Halloween).

From GF on the message boards:
-They film 13 eps before break, so by taking Autumn small tidbit, you can deduce that Brian Spicer will be directing 7X13.

-No Samantha in the premiere.

-I hear Michael Watkins will be directing more episodes than he did last year picking up slack for Rob Bowman who will be directing fewer if any .

-Chris Carter will probably only be directing 1 episode in the first half of the season

From Autumn on the message boards:
-For the seventh season David Amann and Jeff Bell are still on staff. Millennium writer Chip Johannessen has also been added to the XF staff

From Elwood Blues on a mailing list:
-Mark snow will be doing the score for the second x-files movie (info: mark snow chat) and sackheim is about to direct on more episode in season 7.

From Natalie on a mailing list:
-Signy Coleman has said she will be returning to her role as Susanne Modeski this season...possibly for more than just one episode.

Added July 18th:
Thanks to ratboy on the Spoilerville Digest:
TEN THIRTEEN NEWS - by Tom Bli via Dennis X

BRYAN SPICER was the new kid on the block when
he directed "Three Of A Kind" for the sixth season
of THE X-FILES. Clearly he didn't leave the series
producers as paranoid as he left his audience
because they've slated him to direct another
X-opus this season.

CHRIS OWENS of X-Files fame looks as though
he's been given the gift of reincarnation over
his character of FBI agent SPENDER killed off
on that program there's strong word that he's
going to be turning up on HARSH REALM during
it's first season.

For the regular cast of THE X-FILES some wiggling
around is going to have to be done in terms of
scheduling during the early days of production.
Filming of THE X-FILES is to start on August 2nd.
As those who caught the season cliffhanger of the
sixth season know the character of ALEX KRYCEK
seemed to be playing an important role in the
story that was as tradition would have it was

It would have been expected that KRYCEK would
return for the second installment. But in order
for that to happen... a mountain will have to be
overcome. NICK LEA is signed to a feature for
Columbia Pictures [Martin Campbell's "VERTICAL
LIMIT"] that begins production in New Zealand
at the same time as filming of season seven
of THE X-FILES is to start! You can imagine the
problems this makes for the character of KRYCEK.

Both DUCHOVNY and ANDERSON will be hard
at work on projects of their own as filming begins on
THE X-FILES. All this goes to make up a tricky
start for the final season of the long running hit.

Added June 29th:
This info came from Guide des episodes : Saison 7 (It's a french spoilers site)
*November 7th is the first episode of the 7th season (in the US), and it's possibly titled Exodus.
7X04: Vices?
*Stephen King and George A. Romero may be doing an episode that's a take off/parody of The Night of the Living Dead.
*Vince Gilligan wants to do another takeoff of Unusual Suspects, with Signy Coleman playing the role of Susan Modeski.
*The first episode, Exodus, may be taped in Vancouver because they need a certain creepy enviroment.
*The 7th season is going to have 22 episodes, 6 or 7 of which will be mythology. No one's sure whats gonna happen- if colonization of the earth is gonna take place, if mulder and/or scully are gonna die, etc...?
*There may be an episode related to colonization involving the Artic Project or a team from Nasa- the plot will surely be about the extraterrestrial virus.

Added June 25th:
By TomBli via Dennis X:

The truth is out there but so are lies. Thus Scully cautioned her fellow investigator Mulder. And for those others who spend time investigating the mysteries of "The X-Files" [the series in this case] these are words to follow like the beam of a flashlight. The rumors are out there too. And as far as season seven of the award winning Fox drama is involved few of them have substance.

For example, one such rumor that has been running with lungs of iron is that the much promised, Stephen King/George Romero episode will finally spring to life [undeath?] in the seventh season. As nothing has been packaged in terms of any agreement with these two talents such claims are stapled together with hopes and not much more at this point. This isn't to say that it won't happen, just that it's not happening now.

Names of episodes and details about them are being handed out like candy on Halloween. But in every case fans are walking away much like Charlie Brown with a bag full of rocks. There are as of yet no scripts written for season seven of The X-Files and as such the titles that are being suggested for episodes are non existent.

However, for those in search of spoilers the answers are there. You just need to know where to look. The season six finale left the audience with large questions. Mulder seemed to be losing his mind. Why? What made Mulder go "violent" and cause him to be institutionalized? In the past the scribes at Ten Thirteen Productions were as much in the dark as the show's rabid followers! They often times wrote themselves into corners with no solid concept of where the story would evolve. Things are different with this cliffhanger.

Originally, the plot for the season finale was to consist of more than a single episode and to be continued to the opening of the seventh season [a fourth installment]. Various difficulties led to the story arc being trimmed down. But important elements were written and even included into the script for the twenty second episode of season six. These were later removed. Yet as it is that they're pivotal to the explanation of how certain situations came about they'll be expressed dramatically in the show's premiere in November.

In the installment that opens season seven the nature of Mulder's 'insanity' will be revealed. The agent hasn't been enduring bouts of schizophrenia after all. He's been reading people's minds after the fashion of psychic whiz kid Gibson Praise! [Jeff Gulka who portrays Gibson has been approached by Ten Thirteen for further work on the series for it's seventh year.] Mulder hasn't been able to control this paranormal ability and this has caused him to become disoriented and seemingly insane.

The reason for this psychic ability coming into being is related to Mulder becoming exposed to the cosmic radiation from an ancient artifact. A rubbing was made of this relic and it absorbed from it a form of energy found only outside of our solar system. Mulder became impregnated with it upon handling the rubbing. This energy only causes a reaction in certain people [ there are plot points here reminiscent of Hammer Studio's 1967 film "Quatermass And The Pit" released in the US as "Five Million Years To Earth"]

In the premiere of "The X-Files" in November we'll learn that while alone with her at his apartment Mulder started to receive psychic impressions from the mind of Diana Fowley. From what he was able to take from her mind his old flame had in some way betrayed him [he suspects her of spying on him as he suggested to Scully that Skinner was].

Mulder became enraged. He made such accusations against her. In his disorganized state [as well as his anger] Fowley became convinced that Mulder was a danger. She fired on him with an electric stun gun and incapacitated him. This is how Mulder came to be deemed dangerous and held in a rubber room.

This episode will mark a new direction in the continuing 'mythology' [the main story thread] of the series. Most of the plot points of earlier seasons will never be revisited again. There's going to be hanging loose ends to be sure. However it will make for a leaner, clearer season...

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'X-Files' Star Believes in Fate

NEW YORK (AP) -- ``X-Files'' star Gillian Anderson is a firm believer in fate.

``My whole belief system is that our paths are drawn for us,'' Anderson says in the December-January issue of Movieline magazine.

``I believe in reincarnation. I believe we're here to learn and grow. ... We choose how we come into this life based on what it is we have to learn. Some people have harder lessons than others.''

Anderson is much more open in real life than her TV character, skeptical FBI agent Dana Scully, especially regarding her inner life.

``I've been in psychotherapy steadily since I was 14,'' Anderson says, acknowledging crippling bouts of depression, even during work on the ``The X-Files,'' which up until this year was made in Vancouver, B.C.

Building on her TV success, Anderson is making a splash on the big screen. Besides ``The X-Files'' movie, she's played an alcoholic biker chick in ``The Mighty,'' a working class girl in ``Chicago Cab'' and a bitter theater director in the upcoming film, ``Dancing with Architecture.''

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