Various Good Links:
The Sev Files
The Sev Files
: A cartoon spoof of The X-Files.

Lancelot's Castle
Purity Control X-Philes Obsessiveness test I have gone beyond obsession into fanaticism... oops ;)
X-Files Institution for Relationshippers
Paula Graves Fan Fic Page She's written some really good stories!!
AgentElmo's X-Files Music Video ArchiveThere are some shippy videos here that you'll definitely want to download!
FOX Official Website
Gillian Anderson Estrogen Brigade
X-Files Shipper Page
The Duchovny Page of Lust
The Gillian Anderson Web Site A *great* page!
The Gillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade
David Duchovny House O Worship
David Duchovny Estrogen Brigade
Official Movie Page
Hang the Alien Cool X-Files Hangman- watch out! It's addictive!
Everything David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson! A great site with lots of pictures!
The X-Files Multimedia Archive Great site!
The X-Files Alphabet Book
Romance Fan Fic for the M&S Love Deprived
For a glimpse of what real Forensic Pathologists look at go here:-). Some yummy pictures..hehe
Proof Undeniable that Scully torture is out there! This site lists all the things that have happened to Scully in tons of episodes!
Songs in the Key of X Mark Snow's X-Files CD! You can also download some clips here
The Ultimate Episode Guide All the way up til the end of season 5, and some things to look forward to in season 6..
Purity Control
An X-Files Page in Espanol!
The Windhover Main Page Originally called 'The Treehouse'. Enough said
The X-Files: For the Detail-Obsessed X-Phile
Little Slice of 'ShipperdomWoo hoo, Shippers! :-)
The X-Files Connection
The Petition for Gillian Anderson A petition for GA to make as much money as DD
Starbuck's X-Files Relationshipper Site A great site for shippers!!

Dubie's X-Files Page This page has tons of stuff! Pictures, fanfic, reviews,sounds, etc...!
Rebecca's Shipper Haven A very nice page.
Cirglas' and Nessy's X-Files Homepage!
Nexis' page for a shipper or a shippy fence sitter!
Welcome to Shippy Fence Sitter's Page
Snoopy8040's Homepage
My latest obsession: The X-Files And she's a shipper!! Woo hoo!
Spooky's X-Files Page
Tiggr's X-Files Page
Rebecca's Homepage
Shipper98's home page
Roswlgrl's X-Files Page
Gillian957's X-Files Page
X-philer's Abode
Fox M Rox's Homepage
KatMoonCat's X-Files Site
Ksxfiles' Homepage
Unofficial Home of the X-Files
Leikela's X-Files Page
Lauz and Hel's X-files Shipper page
XPhile4520's Page

Some of the things I belong to:)

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The Diana Fowley Task Force For those of you against Ms. Fowley, join the club! :)
MSRFanfic Mailing List
Post-Modern Prometheus Lovin' Fools Posse
Spookies Anonymous
Scully's Short People Brigade
X Files Monster Links Page

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