Hey everyone! All of the waves below are of Mulder and Scully talking, and I also have a page for David Duchovny Waves, pics, links, etc.. and Gillian Anderson Waves, pics, links, etc..:-) Enjoy!

The Sounds:

bodyheat.wav Mulder: I was told once that the best way to regenerate body heat is to crawl naked into a sleeping bag with somebody else who was already naked. Scully: Maybe if it rains sleeping bags you'll get lucky.
disturbd.wav Scully: Mulder, he was disturbed. Mulder: Yeah, but did he see it because he was disturbed, or was he disturbed because he saw it?
marry_me-short.wav "Scully?" "Yes?" "Marry me."
mls10.wavScully: Won't you at least let me go with you? Mulder: No. Scully: Look I know what your thinking but you have to get past that, we both do. I'm back and I'm not going anywhere.
onlyfive.wav Mulder: Imagine if you could come back and take out five people who'd caused you to suffer... who would they be? Scully: I only get five??
plausible.wavScully: I don't how know you could think that what they say is even remotely plausible. Mulder: I think it's remotely plausible that someone might think you're hot.
rcm1.wav Mulder: Why would I make them so uncomfortable? Scully: It probably has to do with your reputation. Mulder: Reputation? I have a reputation? Scully: Mulder, look Colton plays by the book and you don't. They feel your methods, your theories are... Mulder: Spooky. Do you think I'm spooky?
rcm2.wav Scully: Nonsensacal repetitive behavior is a common trait of mental illness. Mulder: You trying to tell me something?
rcm6.wav Scully: This seat taken? Mulder: No, but I should warn you I'm experiencing violent impulses. Scully: Well I'm armed so I'll take my chances.
rcm7.wav Mulder: Hey Scully, do you believe in an afterlife? Scully: I'd settle for a life in this one.
rcm12.wav Scully: Must be nice not having someone questioning your every move, poking holes in all your theorys. Mulder: Oh, Oh yea its, its...its...its great. I...I'm surprised I put up with you for so long.
rcm14.wav Mulder: I brought you a present. Superstars of the superbowls. Scully: I knew there was a reason to live.
rcm15.wav Scully: I mean there is nothing odd about...(hear toads falling on their umbrellas) Mulder: So, lunch? Scully: Mulder, toads just fell from the sky. Mulder: I guess their parachutes didn't open. You were saying something about this place not feeling odd
rcm17.wav Mulder: How did this happen? Scully: Birds and the bees and the monkey babies, Mulder.
rcm19.wav Scully: Mulder we've got this confernce, their waiting. Mulder: Yea, how do I say this without using any negative words Scully... Scully: You want me to tell them that your not going to make it to this years team assembly. Mulder: You see that, we don't need that conference, we have communication like that, unspoken. You know what I'm thinking.
rcm20.wav Scully: You know Mulder sometimes I think some work on your communication skills wouldn't be such a bad idea. Mulder: I'll be back soon and we can build a tower of furniture, k?
rcm22.wav Mulder: I was merely extending her a professional courtesy. Scully: Oh, is that what you were extending.
rcm23.wav Mulder: You had a hunch? Scully: Yea something like that. Mulder: Well that's a pretty extreme hunch. Scully: I seem to recall you having some pretty extreme hunches. Mulder: I never have.
sawghost.wav Scully: Look like you just saw a ghost! Mulder: I'm just a little tired; jumpy...
sawittoo.zip Scully: This monster was, uh, was a sick fantasy.. a product of his dementia. Mulder: I saw it too. Does that make me disturbed; demented? Does.. that make me sick too?
sfm3.wav Mulder: So, how was the wedding? Scully: You mean the part where the groom passed out, or the dog bit the drummer? Mulder: Did you catch the bouquet? Scully: Maybe.
shut_up.wav Wave leading up to "Sure..fine..Whatever!"
slm4.wavMulder: You could be in trouble just sitting in this car, and I'd hate to see you carry an official reprimad in your career file because of me. Scully: Fox- *Uneasy Mulder chuckle* Mulder: I, I even made my parents call me Mulder...Mulder Scully: Mulder, I wouldn't put myself on the line for anybody but you. Mulder: If there's an iced tea in that bag, it could be love. Scully: *looks in bag* Must be fate Mulder, rootbeer. *Mulder laughs* You're delirious. Go home and get some sleep.
Plus: A movie clip from this scene!--> e10v2.mov
slm8.wav Scully: Hey, how you feeling? Mulder: Like I got a bad case of freezer burn
slm10.wav Mulder: So what do you want? Scully: To know that you're alright..
tldyouso.wav Mulder: Scully, at the risk of you telling me, 'I told you so', I think it's time for you to get down here and help me. Scully: I told you so.

videos.wav Mulder: Whatever tape you found in that VCR isn't mine. Scully: Good, because I put it back in that drawer with all those other videos that aren't yours.
xfileschriswave Mulder and Scully Christmas Wave. I LOVVVEEE this! It's _Really_ cute!