Well, here are some of my favorite fan fics! They are ALL Mulder/Scully Romance because I am a 100% Shipper! I believe in Chris Carter, and I think he could succesfully bring Mulder and Scully to a new step in their relationship... until then, everyone read fan fiction!! :-)

Gossamer- THE place for X-Files Fan Fiction
If you haven't been here- check it out, has everything
Paula Graves Fan Fiction
She's a wonderful writer!! Her stories are popular and well-loved!
MSR Fan fic
Blizzard- written by: L.C. Brown
UST (rated PG-13)
Battle of Wills- Michelle Shakleton
S, R, H (rated G)
The Complete 12 Rites of Passage Series-Paula Graves
MSR! None are Rated higher than R. Both this and the 12 Degrees of Seperation Series are wonderful, and are definete must-read fan fics!
The Complete 12 Degrees of Seperation Series- Paula Graves
MSR! Sequel to 12 Rites of Passage! (No higher than R)
Dance Without Sleeping 1- Lydia Bower
S, A, eventual MSR (Rated PG-13, for now)
Dance Without Sleeping 2- Lydia Bower
S, A, MSR (rated R)
The Games We Play- S.N. Kastle UST, MSR(rated R)
Scully takes a shower and Mulder interferes.
Lingering Whispers*really good*- Jessica Zyvarek Taylor (rated PG/PG-13)
M&S argument leads to loss of trust.
Mashed Potatoes- Andrea L. Hoeschen
MSR, SRH I hope you all have seen 'Small Potatoes'! (rated R)
Merry Christmas Scully- Stephanie Kaiser
MSR (rated R)
New Territory- Paula Graves
MSR Samantha is home again, but what else really matters to Mulder? (rated PG)
No More Demons- 'PDaza' (rated PG/PG-13)
M&S discover a method to keep the nightmares away
Reunited- Vickie Moseley
Third Season- Mulder comes back.. (rated R)
Sustenance of Two- Michele Tucker
MSR (what else?!) Good ending! :) (rated R)
32 Flowers- JuneBug
MSR- Scully's birthday! (rated PG-13)
Dance- Kristin Pohaski (PG)
Mulder and Scully share a dance, and later...
Arf- Hayley McBey
MSR- The ending of this cracks me up EVERY TIME! :o)
Dealing With It- Katherine Fritz
A _wonderful_ story. It's long and involves MSR and Scully's family! :)
7Eleven Easter-Polly (PG)
A really cute story! Fluffy MSR with a cute ending! :) (If I like it, it's almost *always* cute! hehe}
Tempest1-Pennington (R)
Mulder and Scully survive a plane crash to find themselves injured and stranded in the Appalachian wilderness. Lots of angst! (Did I spell that right?:)
Continued from the first part, and more romance!
Go Be- Seymour (PG)
Flickfic; Continuation (sorta) of the last scene between M & S; Third-person POV; Scully gets the opportunity to just "go be a doctor" for a while... Great characterization of Scully, and a great ending!

I've added a continuous story to this page! Her name's Gina, and she's the first person to post all new additions on this page. Make sure to send feedback to DKScully36@aol.com for her story below. Every time that a new part is written, it'll be posted right here!
Missing Parts- Part One
Part Two

Would you like to have your stories posted here? Is there a series that you're working on and you'd love to put it somewhere? E-Mail Me and we'll work it out so that your stories can be posted! :-)

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