Season Five.. Possibly the most shippy season of the X-Files! There were the kisses in Redux II, the fireside scene in Detour, the dance in Post-Modern Prometheus, the "marry me" line in Chinga, "You're my one in 5 billion" in Folie a Deux, etc..
But even for those of you who are No-Romos, it was a great season! It won the X-Files 16 Emmy Nominations, tons of new viewers and it made The X-Files Movie possible!
So, you must have had your favorite and least favorite moments- Let them be known!

Unusual Suspects 5X01
In 1989, the Lone Gunmen meet for the very first time when they assist a woman who claims the government plans to use civilians as guinea pigs in a secret experiment.

Redux 5X02
Mulder accesses a secret research facility that may hold a cure for Scully's illness. Meanwhile, Scully performs an experiment in hopes of determining the origin of the disease.(2 of 3)

Redux II 5X03
As Mulder continues his search for a cure for Scully's illness - and the identity of a mole operating from within the bureau - he receives help from a most unlikely source.(3 of 3)

Detour 5X04
The agents investigate when several people disappear in a remote region of Florida.

Post-Modern Prometheus 5X05
Townspeople in rural Indiana believe a Frankenstein-like creature roams the countryside.

Christmas Carol 5X06
A mysterious phone call and an apparent suicide lead Scully to a young girl who she suspects is her sister Melissa's daughter.(1 of 2)

Emily 5X07
Scully and Mulder search for a cure to Emily's illness.(2 of 2)

Kitsunegari 5X08
Mulder and Scully hunt for Robert Modell, A.K.A. Pusher, after he escapes from prison.

Schizogeny 5X09
A teenage boy undergoing psychological counseling becomes the prime suspect in his stepfather's murder.

Chinga 5X10
Residents of a seacoast town in Maine are terrorised by a little girl and her doll.

Kill Switch 5X11
A sentient computer program targets its creators for extinction.

Bad Blood 5X12
The agents recount their versions of events that led to the killing of a teenager suspected of being a vampire.

Patient X 5X13
The agents search for answers when UFO abductees gather en masse - and are burned alive.(1 of 2)

The Red and the Black 5X14
Scully undergoes hypnosis in an effort to remember what happened at the mass burning site.(2 of 2)

Travelers 5X15
In the 1950s, two FBI agents investigate strange deaths somehow linked to Mulder's father.

Mind's Eye 5X16
Mulder suspects a blind woman possesses the ability to see through the eyes of a killer.

All Souls 5X17
A priest asks for Scully's help when a handicapped girl dies a mysterious death.

The Pine Bluff Variant 5X18
Mulder goes undercover to infiltrate a militia group armed with a deadly pathogen.

Folie a Deux 5X19
Mulder is taken hostage by a man who claims his boss is literally a monster.

The End 5X20
A boy possessing psychic powers may hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of the X-Files.(1 of 2)

The Beginning 6X01
The X-Files are reopened but are in the hands of Spender. Mulder and Scully will have a new boss, Kersh, but apparently we are not to worry, for they will be reporting to Skinner again, soon...(2 of 2)

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