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Little Green Men 2X01
Mulder travels to Puerto Rico in advance of a beret team out to destroy evidence of an extraterrestrial encounter.

The Host 2X02
Mulder pursues a humanoid, parasitic organism that uses sewage systems as its home.

Blood 2X03
Mulder and Scully investigate a series of violent killings committed by seemingly normal residents of a small town.

Sleepless 2X04
Mulder searches for a Vietnam vet who can project his consciousness into other people's minds.

Duane Barry 2X05
A former FBI agent who claims he was abducted by aliens takes several people hostage.(1 of 2)

Ascension 2X06
Mulder attempts to rescue Scully after she is abducted by a deranged man who believes in UFOs. (2 of 2)

3 2X07
Mulder links a series of grisly deaths to a group of modern-day vampires.

One Breath 2X08
When Scully's comatose body is discovered at a local hospital, Mulder suspects the government was responsible for her disappearance.

Firewalker 2X09
A parasitic silicon-based life form is discovered by a team of scientists researching a volcano.

Red Museum 2X10
Cattle ranchers in a remote Wisconsin town suspect a religious cult is to blame when local teenagers are drugged and abducted.

Excelsis Dei 2X11
A series of violent attacks at a convalescent home are linked to angry spirits from beyond the grave.

Aubrey 2X12
A pregnant woman experiences visions of serial killings that span half a century.

Irresistible 2X13
Scully and Mulder hunt down a fetishist who collects pieces of the dead.

Die Hand Die Verletzt 2X14
The agents investigate a murder in a small town populated by devil worshipers.

Fresh Bones 2X15
Mulder suspects that a voodoo curse caused the deaths of two marines stationed at a Haitian refugee camp.

Colony 2X16
As Mulder searches for a killer capable of altering his shape, a woman who claims to be his long-lost sister suddenly appears. (1 of 2)

End Game 2X17
Mulder attempts to catch an alien bounty hunter who holds the key to his sister's whereabouts. (2 of 2)

Fearful Symmetry 2X18
Animals from a zoo in Idaho are suspected of killing several people, but witnesses claim the real culprit is a powerful invisible force.

Død Kalm 2X19
The agents become stranded aboard a ship where the human ageing process is greatly accelerated.

Humbug 2X20
The agents search for a killer in a Florida town inhabited by side-show performers.

The Calusari 2X21
The agents investigate when a young boy's family is plagued by several tragic accidents.

F. Emasculata 2X22
As Scully investigates the spread of a deadly contagion at a prison, Mulder tracks down two escaped convicts infected with the disease.

Soft Light 2X23
The agents hunt down a scientist who is literally afraid of his own shadow.

Our Town 2X24
A meat processing plant comes under scrutiny after several people mysteriously disappear from a small town.

Anasazi 2X25
Mulder receives an encrypted computer disk containing the defence department's top secret files on extraterrestrial life. (1 of 3)

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