A Few Video Clips:

From Memento Mori:
Have Cancer I.avi
Have Cancer II.avi

From Detour:
'I don't wanna wrestle' to Scully singing Jeremiah was a bullfrog
Raining Sleeping Bags to talking about dying
Scully opening bullet

Post-Modern Prometheus!!: Dance.avi Dance.mov

Small Potatoes:
'Light Saber' avi
Office Scene
'Mulder' at home
Almost Kiss
'Loser' Scene

Hug in 'Terma
Scully kicks ass in 'Kill Switch'
Mulder by Scully's bedside in 'One breath'
Scully shoots Mulder, in Anasazi

David and Gillian walk up to the podium at the 1998 Golden Globe Awards
Mitch Pileggi and Nick Lea talk about the X-Files

Gillian Anderson:
On Future Fantastic
Short E! interview
Gillian talks about Neurofibromatosis (NF) For more info on NF, view my Gillian Anderson Page

Lean On Me Trailer- very shippy!

Clips of Mulder and Scully Romance to the song Elsewhere, by Sarah McLachlan. (She's great! :)
AVI Zipped
MOV Zipped
Made by Sarah Kiley
Many of the Video Clips provided by The X-Files Multimedia Archive.

Extra Waves:
Frohike: Sorry, you caught me getting ready for bed
I love it!

CSM: I'm your father (to Spender)

Krycek: I was sent to bring you back

A clip from the song 'Mulder and Scully' by Catatonia
X-Files Theme Start

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