The    Beginning

The first episode of the 6th season... Did you see it? What'd ya think? Read a summary below~!

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Before the episode begins, of course, there are clips from the season finale. But what's interesting is that they also integrate clips from the movie to continue the whole virus/alien gestation theme. What was most interesting is that they include the hallway "kiss" in the clips scene.

The episode begins with a man (an employee of Roush Industries) who is infected with the "virus." The next day, we find the poor sap alone in his house with a massive hole in his chest. Victim of a random shotgun shooting? Nah. Alien gestation of course. And we're off!

We also find Mulder and Scully reporting to another FBI committee, who in short, thinks the two are completely bonkers with all of their talk of alien viruses, alien gestation, and mother ships in the Antartica. Scully has returned to her somewhat skeptic role, now being not sure that the DNA from the virus is extraterrestrial. Yes, she believes, there is a virus, but it's not necessarily from outer space or causing alien gestation. Mulder, of course, is slightly pissed. The two are subsequently reassigned (Skinner is no longer their boss), and the XFiles are handed off to Spender and...tada!!! Agent Fowley! Yep, she survived. Sigh.

Fowley tries to convince Mulder that she didn't ask for this assignment,and that at least she can watch over the XFiles and protect his interests.Spender tells Mulder his paranormal crap is crap.

Oh, BTW, Mulder says most of his files can be saved. Oh, the wonders of modern technology!{editor's note: Why didn't Mulder SAVE the files on computer in the first place? oooo, technology...}

Anyhoo, not long after all this, we see a glimpse of chess wonder boy Gibson P., who has his poor head operated on by CSM's fiendesh friends. CSM tells them to bandage Gibson up, because he and Gibson have to go alien hunting. (Well, he didn't say it exactly, but ya know...)

Mulder and Scully end up in AZ to investigate the poor sap with a hole in his chest. (Skinner tipped them off) Anyway,they find a fingernail and claw marks. Scully still remains the skeptic,and Mulder tells her off (I actually enjoyed this part, it was more or less deserved). he says: "What does it take for you to believe? Does something have to jump up and bite you on the ass?" heh...heh...the Punk has a point ;) It's here that Scully grabs his hand (pointedly pointed out by a close up shot of this motion){editor's note: I like his watch!} , and she talks about what he said in the hallway, about how she made him a whole person and all. He then says something to her about, "I'm sorry, Scully, but this time your science iswrong."'re so wishy-washy.

Next we move to a nuclear plant. Yeah, that poor pesky alien is out and about in AZ and he's hanging out in power plants with technicians aptly named "Homer." Apparently, the dude likes heat. A lot of heat. He kills the nuclear power plant techie, hides in the plant, and the story moves on.

Mulder and Scully head toward the power plant. Again, Skinner tipped them off. Spender and Fowley are already there. CSM shows up with Gibson (he thinks Gibson can help him find the alien...he can sense his mind...whatever){editor's note: I believe they said that Gibson can communicate with the thing} . Anyway, Spender tells Mulder and Scully to beat it...nothing to see here...but when they head back to their car, they find Gibson is hiding in the backseat. They take Gibson back to the hotel, and find out that he's searching for the alien for CSM. He alludes to this when Scully asks him what he's looking for. He says: "You already know, you just don't want to believe it."

Anyway, Scully takes Gibson to the hospital, cause the poor kiddo has a huge saw mark in his head, and Diana shows up and takes Mulder back to the power plant, acknowledging that they are indeed there searching for an alien life form. Scully finds out that a blood test on Gibson shows that he posesses the same DNA as the virus.

Of course, not long after Gibson shows up at the hospital, he's taken away again. The bad guys take him back to the nuke plant to find the alien. Mulder and Diana are there. The alien kills the bad guy, but not Gibson (at least he's alive at the end). Diana acts like she has betrayed Mulder.

At the end, they are back in front of the committee at the FBI, still thinking Mulder and Scully are nuts. They have to report to a new AD, and are told to cease any involvement in the Xfiles. CSM visits Spender and tells him he's done well "son." Scully tells Mulder that the DNA Gibson had that matched the virus is DNA we all have, but it's inactive. It's remnant DNA. Gibson's, however, is active. This means Gibson is in someway alien, and so are we all. After being told that they have to stay away from the X-Files, Scully finds Mulder trying to dig up more of his files. Anyway, Diana has written in her report that someone hit the bad guy over the head, and that there was no alien. Diana claims she says this to protect Mulder. Scully tells Mulder Diana is betraying him. This is an interesting scene about who Mulder trusts. Very interesting. Scully shows Mulder some files that show that all humans may have some kind of "extraterrestrial DNA"...

At the end, we see Gibson sitting in the nuclear power plant, and the alien is evolving into another form...from what I could tell, it looked like he was evolving into something more human...kind of like an alien grey (It's hard to tell at this point, because the special effects for this part were still to be filled was a rough cut we saw...more or less)